Professional Philosophy

Fostering Relationships with Our Professional Partners

We believe successful solutions come from partnering with professionals. Since 1910, Carrier Clinic has continually grown as a valuable, well-respected resource for a variety of healthcare and other professionals who are integrally involved in the care of individuals seeking assistance to overcome debilitating psychiatric disorders or the disease of addiction.

Carrier Clinic is proud of the many referrals we receive from within our community of professional partners who seek our help in the rehabilitation of adolescents, adults and older adults suffering from emotional and behavioral distress, and addictive and psychiatric disorders.

Such professionals include but are not limited to:
• Primary Care Physicians
• Psychiatrists
• Employee Assistance Professionals
• Psychologists
• Hospitals
• Social Workers
• Clinicians
• Outpatient Clinics
• School Counselors
• Members of the Clergy

As one of the largest private, not-for-profit behavioral healthcare systems in the state of New Jersey, we specialize in providing expert, comprehensive psychiatric and addiction treatment for adolescents to elders on the inpatient, residential and outpatient levels. Yet we strive to provide ongoing support and education not only to our patients, but to our professional community as well.

Please take a moment to familiar yourself with our services. When it comes to providing the support your patient needs, we at Carrier Clinic want nothing more than to be top in your mind, and your resource of choice.