East Mountain Private Education School

A Private Special Education School for Adolescents

Growth and Healing Through Support and Education

Established in 1981, The East Mountain School (EMS) is a private, non-profit special education school operated by Carrier Clinic, and approved by the New Jersey State Department of Education.

East Mountain School offers a co-educational program for 7th through 12th-grade classified special education students. Services are available for both day school and residential students. Our program is designed to provide quality special education and strong therapeutic services for adolescents affected by behavioral and psychiatric disorders.

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At East Mountain School, our mission is to provide a safe, challenging and enriching educational community that is responsive to the individual needs of our students enabling them to grow and become functioning citizens in society. Students here benefit from a therapeutic structured environment that incorporates the academic, behavioral, and counseling components.

  • East Mountain School is approved and accredited by the New Jersey Department of Education
  • Member of the National Association of Private Schools for Exceptional Children (a national association of agencies that conduct research on special education issues)
  • Member of the Association of Schools and Agencies for the Handicapped (ASAH), an organization that acts as a liaison with educational and state governmental agencies and private schools for handicapped children
  • Member of the Quality Education New Jersey Consortium
An Introduction
Our Students
Academic Programs
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School Policies and Procedures

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East Mountain School is organized into four distinct placement options designed to meet the academic, behavioral and emotional needs of both day and residential students. These are:
~ Departmentalized Instruction
~ Behavioral/Affective Needs Group
~ Therapeutic Instructional Setting
~ Intensive/Support Therapeutic Group
Students can be placed into the appropriate track that meets their individual needs. Click here for details about each individual program.

Student enrollments to the East Mountain School are made through the child study team from each local school district. Further information for admissions can be obtained by calling (908) 281-1415 or (908) 281-1445. To learn more about specialized educational services and how parents can help take action, please visit: www.spannj.org.

Directions and Times
The East Mountain School
252 Route 601
Belle Mead, New Jersey 08502
(908) 281-1415
(908) 281-1445

East Mountain School is located on Route 601, just off Route 206 on the grounds of Carrier Clinic.
General Information
School Hours
Monday – Friday 8:45 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
7-Period School Day; 45-minute class periods

Student transportation is provided by the public school sending district or by parent/guardian.

Director, Principal
Dr. Stacey Paulis
(908) 281-1416

School Business Administrator
Michael Haney
(908) 281-1446