Inpatient Treatment

Caring Solutions for All Ages

At Carrier, we understand the serious impact psychiatric and addictive illnesses can have on an individual, and the entire family. Rest assured that as soon as you walk through our doors, you and your loved one are treated with dignity and respect, with utmost compassion and sensitivity to your unique needs.

Psychiatric Inpatient Hospitalization Programs include:
The admittance of any patient to our hospital depends on the severity of the illness. This can be determined following an assessment in our Access Center. There are times that a person can be better served, and treatment can be more effective, in a less restrictive setting such as an outpatient therapist's office.

For those who are admitted to our hospital, whether to the Adolescent, Adult Psychiatric, Adult Dual Diagnosis, or Older Adult Unit, stays generally tend to be brief, with the objective being crisis intervention, medical stabilization, and transition to the next appropriate level of care. Our treatment teams consist of a psychiatrist, advanced practice nurse, psychiatric nurse, licensed clinical social workers, allied clinical therapists and certified addiction counselors who work closely with both the individual and family members to facilitate the fastest course of recovery.

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Adolescent Inpatient Services

Many young people experience great emotional distress while going through the often challenging and confusing cycle of growth and change that takes place in adolescence. And, unfortunately, many suffer from emotional, psychiatric, and behavioral issues which are, at times, coupled with addiction issues that can hinder their positive path to self-discovery.

Offering inpatient, residential and educational services to adolescents age 13 through 18, Carrier Clinic provides vital care to these youths in a safe, healing environment, and upholds a treatment philosophy focused on enhancing their self-esteem while providing firm and consistent behavioral guidelines toward self-improvement.

Adolescent Inpatient Unit:
Carrier offers intensive inpatient hospitalization services on a short-term basis to adolescents who are experiencing acute psychiatric and/or dual diagnosis disorders (where psychiatric illness is the primary diagnosis), and are in need of crisis stabilization. Help is provided and administered via a diverse array of treatment modalities that include:

  • 24-hour nursing care
  • Daily assessment and care by a psychiatrist
  • An assigned Clinical Case Manager for each patient who provides one-on-one support, plus coordinates and facilitates family meetings for psycho-education as well as discharge planning
  • Individual and group psychotherapy
  • Activity groups geared toward evaluating a young patient's own feelings, and on developing new strategies to cope with strong emotions
  • Specialized programs such as Art Therapy, Movement Therapy, Pet Therapy
  • Substance abuse counseling for adolescents whose psychiatric problem is further complicated by an addiction disorder. Often when young people use drugs, they exacerbate emotional, psychological and psychiatric problems. These youths work with a certified alcohol and drug counselor (CADC) in conjunction with a psychiatrist and other therapists, plus take part in specialized addiction treatment groups for those with chemical abuse dependency needs.

Carrier's comprehensive Adolescent Services also include the East Mountain School and East Mountain Youth Lodge.

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Adult Services

We all face challenge and misfortune in life, some more severe than others. The impact brought about by depression, disease, the death of a loved one, chemical imbalance, and other life-altering situations can understandably drive adults to seek professional support and intervention.

Adult Inpatient Psychiatric and Addictions Program:
The Adult Inpatient Psychiatric and Addictions Program at Carrier Clinic is here to help with short-term crisis stabilization for people suffering from psychiatric or emotional difficulties. Our goal is to provide the highest quality, most progressive inpatient behavioral healthcare, and specialized dual diagnosis services if needed, in a safe, structured therapeutic hospital environment.

We at Carrier take an integrative, multi-disciplinary approach to our treatment. Each patient is given an individualized treatment plan, and supported by highly-skilled clinical staff to stabilize symptoms and develop the necessary coping skills to safely return to the community. Equally important in the treatment process is patient and family education that sets the stage for a continued course of recovery. Our Mental Health Education Group is a monthly discussion group designed exclusively for family and friends with a loved one at Carrier Clinic. Held on the first Sunday of each month from 2:00 to 2:50 p.m., the sessions are designed to educate participants on psychiatric disorders, and help them learn how to best support their family member or friend who is ill.

Treatment Focus:
Our Adult Psychiatric Program is designed for adults suffering from one or more of the following:

  • Mood, Anxiety and/or Thought Disorders
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Psychiatric Manifestations of Medical Conditions

Dual Diagnosis Program:
For those with co-occurring disorders, Carrier's Dual Diagnosis Program offers specialized short-term critical care intervention, and utilizes group and individual therapies in conjunction with psychiatric medications. The program's primary focus is to provide psychiatric counseling for patients with depression, anxiety, bipolar and other disorders, with a framework designed to give particular attention to addictive and compulsive behaviors that can often be compiled with psychological issues.

Because addiction is a disease, state-of-the-art pharmacology is used not only for the control of psychiatric symptoms, but for craving reduction and relapse prevention of chemical abuse, and other impulse control disorders.

The Dual Diagnosis Program is a highly integrated, multidisciplinary treatment approach that is sensitive to cultural, religious, ethnic, socioeconomic and sexual diversity throughout the adult population. Skilled assessment, diagnosis and treatment culminate in comprehensive aftercare planning as well. To ensure continuity of care and relapse prevention, we help patients and families access community resources, and negotiate their treatment needs with private providers or social agencies. Carrier Clinic also offers six weeks of support and education by licensed addictions and psychiatric counselors through our Weekend Codependency Program, at no cost to patients and their families.

Psychiatric Acute Care:
Carrier's Psychiatric Acute Care Unit (ACU), which accepts both voluntary and involuntary patients, specializes in the bio-psycho-social treatment and stabilization of people with acute psychiatric conditions within a healing and supportive environment.

Our comprehensive individualized treatment methods that include supportive counseling and education for the patient and family are designed to provide the therapeutic coping skills needed to transition patients to the most appropriate level of care, from long-term hospitalization to their reintegration into the community. What's more, a variety of specialized groups is offered by our multi-disciplinary team such as creative arts, art therapy, music therapy, dual diagnosis, spirituality, medication education, grief and loss, anger and stress management.

Unique mini-environments like our calming Serenity Lounge and Quiet Area help decrease patients' exposure to a high degree of stimulation. And, our safe, highly-structured setting is maintained by our staff-to-patient ratio and ongoing individual assessments. The goal is to ensure an individualized approach to every patient's safety at all times.

Carrier's patient observation level system affords 24-7 supervision/observation of patients exhibiting high-risk behaviors like suicidal ideation and assaultiveness. ACU staff and Crisis Intervention Specialists specifically trained in the early detection of escalating tension utilize therapeutic intervention skills to prevent crisis situations from occurring.

Older Adult services

Older Adult Inpatient Service:
The physical and lifestyle changes we inevitably face as we age can cause many older adults to struggle with such issues as depression, negative self-image, inability to cope with loss, mental deterioration and other psychiatric disorders which impair functioning.

Carrier Clinic's Older Adult Program is a safe haven of help and hope for older adults age 60 and over, with its focus on the short-term evaluation and treatment of their unique psychiatric disorders, and the renewal of quality of life. We integrate specialized treatment with family education and support that are equally vital components in our patients' path to success, plus develop a concrete discharge plan for follow-up services during the older adult's stay to ensure positive long-term progress.

Psychiatric Services:
Carrier provides specialty treatment services for older adults suffering from psychiatric illness with acute behavioral changes, neurological conditions and/or emotional difficulties related to:

  • Major Depression
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Anxiety Disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Alzheimer's Disease and other types of Dementia

Facilitated by a team specialized in geriatric treatment, the unit provides two distinct programs for older adults:

The Older Adult Program specializes in treatment for patients 60 years and older who are experiencing an acute phase of psychiatric illness, or behavioral disturbances from Alzheimer's Disease and other dementias.

The Active Senior Program specializes in treatment for patients 60 years and older who may be working, approaching retirement, or are recently retired, and suffering from acute disturbances from mood, anxiety and substance abuse disorders. The Active Senior possesses the cognitive abilities to positively respond to a higher level of education and therapeutic interventions while surrounded by their peers.

Our Array of Older Adult Treatment Services Include:
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Education
  • Medication Evaluation and Management
  • Cognitive Screenings
  • Grief and Loss Recovery Groups
  • Physical Therapy
  • State-of-the-Art ECT Services
  • Multi-Sensory Services
  • Occupation Therapy for Functional Impairments
  • Nutritional Consultations
older adult services

Multi-Sensory Services:
Based upon the Snoezelen concept, Carrier Clinic's Older Adult Program's Multi-Sensory room serves to enrich the treatment of people with dementia and other cognitive impairments by providing a safe sensory-stimulating means of calming patients.

Behavioral problems like aggression can arise when a person with dementia becomes angry and/or frightened because they do not understand what is happening in their surroundings. The multi-sensory experience is effective in that it does not require cognitive interpretation; rather, it utilizes the proven soothing effects of different lighting, soft-to-the-touch wall and furniture textures, aromatherapy, running waterfalls, fish tanks and other sensory aids to calm the agitated state. This concept is virtually failure-free because it enables the patient to interact with their environment on a level that is appropriate for their functioning capability.

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