Carrier Clinic Testimonials

High hospital ratings we're most proud of...

Carrier Clinic remains the only behavioral healthcare organization in New Jersey that can boast over a century of uncompromised respect within the professional community.

As respectful as those rating are, more relevant and more meaningful is the praise expressed in the personal letters and emails we receive every year.

Testimonials from Carrier Clinic patients...

Following is a collection of heartfelt testimonials Carrier Clinic has received from past patients and their families. To protect their confidentiality and maintain our trustful relationship, we have omitted full names and addresses.

With the 7th year anniversary of the day of my first ECT Treatment rapidly approaching on Julty 2nd, I find it important to stop and reflect on all of the ways that the treatment of ECT and ll of the staff of the Carrier Clinic ECT Department have made the past seven years of my life so much more fruitful and fulfilling than the years preceding them.


Your support, kindness, compassion, understanding and ability to turn my negative thoughts into positive ones mean so much to me. It helped me crawl out of the dark space I was in.


Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for loving here and for reaching out to her when he has her vulnerable moments, for listening to what I am sure most days amounts to gibberish, but is sometimes heartfelt concerns that she has.


I appreciate all your kindness and good care you gave me. My maintenance treatments have done wonder for me. Thank you so much. Please enjoy the chocolates.


I would like to wish a heartfelt thanks to all of the staff here at Carrier Clinic, A.C.U. for all their kindness, comfort, caring, friendship and help.


Being able to talk to the Chaplin filled me with hope and was very insightful. And getting to talk to the grief counselor and receiving an excellent tool to help me recover from my grief has been instrumental in my healing process.


First I would like to express our appreciation for your perseverance in seeing Michael’s recovery all the way through. I cannot thank you enough for getting him to a point where he could get his life back and now, I also have my husband back.


How does a family properly thank a facility for giving their daughter back to them, far healthier both mentally and physically than she has been in over ten years?


The GAP group enabled me to see I wasn’t alone with my feelings. The morning stretch and relaxation groups awakened me and taught me how to let go and be peaceful. The arts and craft let me be a kid again and have fun. And the nurses, doctor and case manager guided me through my journey and really understood and assisted me in formulating my wellness plan.

Mr. Richard Sarle,

I was a patient at Carrier Clinic and want to thank you and the clinic staff. The doctors and nurses and aides were excellent. The food was excellent. I am feeling fine, back to my old self again and it feels great. Thank God for clinics such as yours.

I just wanted to thank you again for saving my life. If it hadn't been for you and the ECT, I truly don't think that I would have made it out of my depression. I will be forever grateful to you and your wonderful staff.

Dear Head person of the whole Carrier Clinic,

All I wanted to say is this is a wonderful hospital. The staff is marvelous and loving, caring, and respectful. It's outstanding how the staff of Carrier Clinic is so caring.

This is one of the first hospitals that I have been where the staff cares so much for the patients. And they really listen to what we have to say. And they are really considerate to all patients. And if I could pick the best hospital in the world for loving, caring, respectful and considerate, it would be Carrier Clinic. Well that is all I wanted to say.


Best wishes to everyone for a joyful holiday season and thank you for everything that you have done; it has really made a difference in my life.

Dear Members and Staff of Carrier Clinic,

I am writing to you to tell you how grateful I am for the care you gave me at your clinic 40 years ago. The last time I was at Carrier when in the summer of 1979. I am formerly from Mt. Lakes and Denville, New Jersey.

I am so shamed of my behavior at Carrier years ago. I refused to take a bath for weeks, and was known as ("Miss Stink"). I live now in a low-income apartment and my greatest joy is bathing once and twice a day. My bath works very well.

Here is $3.00 for some soap for an indigent patient, and a little shampoo. Carrier Clinic gave faith, Hope and Charity, and brought me, most of all deep hope.


Dear Mr. Sarle,

I was recently a patient in the acute care unit of your facility. This was a very difficult experience for me. I am writing to say how well I was treated by Doctor Goodnick and the staff every one on the unit was wonderful. My social worker, all the nurses and MHT's treated me with care and respect. Everyone took the time to listen and to try and make me as comfortable as they could. Please pass along a heartfelt thank you to everyone on your ACU staff.

Dear Mr. Sarle,

I am writing this letter to let you know the ECT Nursing Staff at Carrier Clinic are, hands down, about the best. The care with which they provide the patients is simply wonderful. I have been an ECT outpatient for nearly a year and each time I come to your facility I am met with smiles and comforting words from the nurses on duty.

Though I fear I may miss a name or two, I'd like to take a moment to recognize the following people whom I've come in contact with on your ECT staff. Marilyn, Sheri, Barbara, Kara, Ida, Susan, Gabrielle and Stacey among others. I appreciate all their efforts in making me feel at ease before, during and after my treatment. You have a winning team!

PS: Carrier Saved Me! I'm in a much better place now, thanks to your caring staff.


To: APA Unit Staff,

Thank you all for all the help and encouragement you gave to me. My nurses were absolutely wonderful. Sarah, thank you for taking the time to talk to me. Ann Marie, Thank you for your patience and kindness. The care from the whole staff was great.

Thank you to my Docs. I think I was lucky to have them both. I am doing well in my IDP program. I believe I lucked out for having to find one on my own. It's a great program and I'm going to meetings. Thank you all again.